10 Fundamentals About jak zacząć rozmowę z dziewczyną przykłady You Didn't Learn in School

The only way to make your girlfriend want more, would be to show her that you're in a position to present her want she needs. Knowing that you're capabale of giving her what she needs, makes you the perfect boyfriend. But most men make among those error, which will gradually but surely make her loose interest in you personally.

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Mistake: Not giving her everything she desires

Humans are lazy, we only do what is necessary, so why should you make an effort and put money into a woman, if she is already your girlfriend? Since 90 percent of all relationships do not last. Even 50 percent of all mariaged couples become divorced, mostly from the girls. Therefore, if you really love your girlfriend and wish to keep her, start investing in your relationship and give her what she wants!



Mistake: Giving her everything she needs, instead of what she desires

A great deal of guys are putting effort into the relationship, but it still doesn't work out. The dilemma is they don't know what women desire. So the easiest way to find it out is to listen to what she states that she wants. Nonetheless, it's common that women themselves don't even know what they need, so the things that she apparently needs are most of the time that the wrong things. I'm sure that you heard or know of a nice man, who does everything for his girl and she threads him like crap. It is because he doesn't give her the right things, do not be that man and give her exactly what she needs.


Mistake: Consistently giving her what she needs

In another I'll tell you what she wants. If you figure out how to give her all of this, your relationship will be much more secure and your girlfriend will be happy. However, if you want to take it further and make her hooked to you, then you need to just give her exactly what she wants, when she accomplishes it. That means if she behaves badly, behaves bitchy, cold or rude, then you draw your attempts until she's adorable again. On the other hand, when she is cute and adorable, you raise the effort.

How to Present your girlfriend what she NEEDS


There are two core desires that each and every woman (who's girlfriend-material) has in a connection. These are also the key reasons why women would like to have a connection. It's the feeling of being safe and appriciated, all other desires are variants of these two.

You make her feel safe by: Being loyal: She understands that she can always expect and rely on you. Be a man of his word and keep your promises. Don't lie to her, be authentic and honest.


Having boundaries: Let her know what you expect from her and also the connection. If she crosses your boundaries, put her back in position. In the long run, she will honor you for this, since it proves you have a backbone and you're not a wussy. Being able to lead herTake accountability, have an impression and guide . Choose where to sit at a restaurant, jak pisac z dziewczyna have date thoughts rather than use the sentence"I don't understand, what do you want?" .


Having the ability to manage issues: Do you understand why girls act mad sometimes and make drama? It's because subconsciously they mimic an extrem situation and would like to see how you handle it. If you loose your cool, it demonstrates you will also freak out if a larger problem appears. Stay calm and manage the drama or some other troubles with patience, so she'll feel safe with you.



Offering her emotions: Why do you see a huge bunch of people when an accident occurs? Why is it that people watch news, pranks, fails or perhaps cat videos? They desperatly want to feel something. So make her gift of feelings, rather positive emotions mixed with enthusiasm. The best way to do that is by making her little surprises from time to time. Take her to an adventure or purchase her something she likes, when she does not expect it. Paying attention: Listen to what she has to let you know, even though it might sound needless sometimes. Men talk to provide informations, while girls talk to provide feelings. She would like you to participate in her life. Also try to notice when she changes something about her physical appearance, we often overlook the small details. She will appriciate your compliments and observations.


Spending Quality Time: After a long day on the job you just wish to relax, cuddle on the couch and watch a few Films. That is perfectly alright but now and it's very important to break the routine until it becomes booring. Try one of those romantic date night thoughts that don't take much effort and are even great for rainy days in your home. Telling her that you care: There are many variations of telling your girlfriend that you truly care for her and you should verbalize it at least once each week. Make it a habit to say cute things to her like"I love you; I am pleased to be with you, I am proud of you; I am glad I've found you; I will be there for you; I will assist you; I miss you; I love spending time with you; You complete meThese are just a few examples to let her know you care about her and your relationship.


Making her feel special: Words are only empty air, if your activities don't follow. You may tell her whatever you want, but she will just start thinking that you really mean , in the event that you also reveal it to her aesthetically. Here are some ideas on how you can make her feel special:

Help her relax by doing a while for her so when she comes out of her job it's possible to spend more time together.

If you got talent and time, try to generate a personal DIY gift with some imagination and your palms.

Buy her a romantic present that's personal and unique like having something custom engraved.